3 thoughts on “Psithurism

  1. That is a big word without a whole lot of onomatopoeia ! Though I enjoy learning the word, I think it rolls off the tongue and into the ears, just a tad better the old simple way. Though I just might try to slip this new word into conversation… and be ready to duck and run just in case the listener is not a logophile ! Pretty shot ! And neat word !

    • Haha! Thanks so much John! I’m a pretend etymologist. I think it began very early in my childhood and persists, with my insatiable desire to understand things. Psithurism, has been one of my favourite words. Like a one word prayer, or mantra. Not so much the sound of rustling leaves, as the thoughts it conjures about the wind itself. Can’t see or hear it, until in makes contact with something. Big smiles and a few chuckles for me this morning, thank you for that, too! Happy that you enjoyed, and delighted by your complimentary comments!! 😉


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